We’re more than a place to workout, we’re a place to belong. Our core values are exceptional service, inspiration and community. We’re whole­ person focused, with a desire to make Kirksville (and the world) a better place by what we do inside and outside the gym walls. We believe that fitness education is the only subject that has the potential to affect how a person feels every moment of every day for the rest of their life. Our Foundational Strategies for Training are to train MOVEMENTS, not individual muscles, and to train the body in ALL THREE planes of movement. To strengthen the entire body, you must include; Pushing, Pulling, Rotating, and Lunging/Squatting. When performing these movements, strive for PRECISION in the basic movement before adding PROGRESSION. Once you begin adding progression, there is an incredible VARIETY of movements and tools you can use to continually challenge the body. The body IS the machine, so build a large menu of equipment-less movements and master those FIRST. Once you have constructed a large base of movements, you can easily add simple equipment such as medicine balls, ABC ladders, and ropes to bring progression and variety to your movement challenges. The brain-body connection DOES NOT WORK in isolation, it recognizes SYNERGIES, so we train to enhance LINKAGE. So start your journey with us today. 


Whatever your reason for getting to the gym, we're here to encourage you. No questions, no judgment. We've got your back.

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